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Protection of grounded aircraft

How does it work?

  • Packaged system that can be delivered directly to site
  • Flexible - units available for purchase, or short or long term rental.
Air craft turbine Small Air craft turbine

Protection of turbines

For protection of smaller turbines a so-called ”fresh air solution” is recommended. Dry air from the dehumidifier is lead to the turbine and the wet air exits the turbine into the open. For bigger turbines the wet air is returned to the dehumidifier’s dry air inlet, in a so-called “return air system”. This principle will increase both energy efficiency and dehumidification capacity.  
Cabin interior Cabin interior

Protection of aircraft interior

The dehumidifier is placed centrally in the cabin. By means of the extraction fan in the dehumidifier, the humid air from the cabin enters the dehumidifier and the humidity is absorbed by the desiccant wheel (rotor).  The dry air leaving the rotor is distributed within the cabin via flexible ducts along the aisle, typically under the seats. This allows for efficient protection of all parts of the cabin. The in- and outlet for the air used for the regeneration of the rotor can be lead to the open air via an opening in a window, e.g. in one of the doors of the aircraft.

Why Munters?

Decades of experience in providing humidity control systems for civil and military aviation.  Learn more about climate control solutions for manufacturing of aircraft components and testing, plus CTT Systems’ Cair and Zonal Drying System using Munters low humidity solutions on our Civil Aviation page.

In addition, Munters engineering team has experience of working at airports including Birmingham, Luton and Heathrow in upgrading their air handling units (AHU), for more about this solution, visit our AHU upgrades page.  


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