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Control Upgrades

Control Upgrades

Upgrading controls on older Munters air treatment equipment offers improved energy efficiency and a number of flexible control options are available.

Munters Climatix Control System is the standard control system on most bigger dehumidification systems manufactured by Munters today. But also customers with older dehumidifiers already in operation, can take advantage of this control system that offers:

  • Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, BACnet IP and WEB options for remote connectivity
  • Full control of added functionalities like pre-treatment, post-treatment, heating, cooling, humidification
  • Possibility to log values

Munters_Old MX_Web.jpg

MX conversion to Climatix

Take preventative action and convert the DDC controller of your well functioning MX dehumidifier to a new Climatix controller.

The conversion will offer you a big variety of modern features that will not only open up for a more energy efficient operation of the unit, but will also allow for controlling the unit by your existing BMS.

The DDC controller of the MX series has served its purpose very well over more than two decades, but does not have the features of a modern controller. With components becoming obsolete, Munters is no longer able to replace the DDC controller.

The controller conversion kit is being manufactured on demand, fitting the specific configuration of your MX unit, which naturally will imply some lead time. We therefore recommend you to plan for the intervention, avoiding downtime in case of a sudden controller breakdown.


  • Avoid unplanned standstill
  • Convert to modern controller
  • Many extra features for exact and energy efficient operation
  • BMS control possible
  • Minimised downtime during upgrade performed by specialist
  • Complete kit with new front panel

Download product datasheet on the MX conversion to Climatix solution here.

For information on other upgrade options, please Contact your local Global Services Team 

Want to know more?

Download product datasheet on the MX conversion to Climatix solution. 

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Energy Recovery Purge (ERP). Read more about how that is done. 

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Do you want more information?

Contact your local Global Services Team.

See contact options here.

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