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Processing Magazine Publishes “The Perfect Climate for Capsule Storage” White Paper

mar 27, 2020

The February 2020 issue of Processing magazine features Martin Ginty’s white paper, “The Perfect Climate for Capsule Storage.”

Ginty, Global Pharmaceutical Industry Manager for Munters, discusses the significant role humidity control plays in achieving quality targets during pharmaceutical processing. Ginty writes, "One thing that has already changed and will also continue to develop, is the need to produce capsules with consistent quality characteristics, particularly when producing GMP-compliant products."

If the air is too dry, gelatine capsules become brittle. In addition, the potential for gelatine to undergo cross-linking and hydrothermal contraction increases leading to product quality issues. However, if relative humidity levels are too low, capsules may stick to each other and be difficult to package properly. Yet, with accurate control of relative humidity levels, these problems can be avoided and product quality will benefit as a result.

Read the article.

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