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Munters increases focus on dehumidification and air treatment system solutions

sty 10, 2020

Innovation and product development are parameters that has allowed Munters Group to grow from a small Swedish one-man engineering company into a position as the World’s leading manufacturer and supplier of desiccant dehumidification.

To increase focus even further on developing the range of core business products, the dehumidification solutions, Munters has ceased the production of former HB drying kilns and commercial air-conditioning equipment.

Munters offers an extensive range of solutions within the scope of air treatment, being a trusted supplier to many of the biggest manufacturing companies around the World.

Solutions covers:

  • Portable and small dehumidifiers for temporary or permanent installation
  • Stand-alone dehumidifiers
  • System solutions, controlling both temperature and humidity for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • System solutions, specially designed for demanding Food, Pharmaceutical and Lithium Battery applications.
  • Direct and indirect evaporative cooling solutions
  • Energy saving upgrades
  • Service
  • Rental solutions

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