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Product release: Munters’ MX² Plus Climate System

sty 29, 2016

We are pleased to announce that we are now releasing the the new MX² Plus Climate System for full climate control for sensitive production processes and preservation

The heart of the MX² Plus Climate System is Munters' new and highly energy efficient MX² stand alone dehumidifier. Based on customers specific needs and requirements, modules
are added to provide full climate control, controlling both temperature and humidity.

The MX² Plus Climate System can be easily configured with pre- and/or post treatment modules for humidifying, cooling, heating and filtration.

The system is built up and fully tested at Munters' factory. It will be delivered in modules on base frames, easily assembled and connected on site.

• Airflow range from 1,000-12,300 m³/h
• Full flexibility - fully configurable
• Energy optimised solution
• Small footprint - easy installation
• Single System supplier and service partner
• Modern Climatix control system
• Electricity/steam/gas regeneration options
• Complete documentation on order

Small footprint - easy installation
By standardising it has been possible to minimize the footprint measurements. This enables a simple integration of MX² Plus Climate System into most humidity sensitive production processes and air conditioning applications.

For sensitive processes and preservation
Thanks to the high dehumidification capacity and flexibility MX² Plus Climate System is perfect for use in different parts of humidity sensitive production processes or wherever there is a need for controlled humidity.

Process Industry
For sensitive food-, pharma- and chemical production processes, the MX² Plus Climate System offers an energy saving climate control in a single system - creating an optimal production climate around the year.

Storing valuable artifacts or documents means high demand on humidity control. As the MX² Plus Climate System offers both humidification and dehumidification in one and the same unit, the system will ensure perfectly controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

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