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We are Munters

Munters was founded in 1955 by Carl Munters. Carl realized early on that creating a perfect climate was mission-critical for many industries. Without a perfect balance between moisture and dry air, paintings in a museum would be destroyed and bridges would rust faster. Today, his inventions are essential for creating the perfect climate for animals and plants and for the production of medicine and electric car batteries, just to name a few.

Munters in the world

Net Sales Net Sales
Innovative solutions
SEK 7.3
+10% 1955
Number of
Number of  plants Manufacturing
sales, countries
3,350 17 >30

*All figures refer to 2021

Munters makes an impact

  • We play an important role in the production of half of the world’s lithium batteries.
  • Our mist eliminators remove 95% of the harmful sulfur emitted by ships.
  • We make broiler farms more profitable by creating the perfect climate for poultry. Better indoor conditions improve animal welfare and reduce the need for antibiotics.
  • We help the agricultural industry achieve higher yields by creating the perfect indoor conditions for seeds and plants.


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