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Sales Application Engineer


What is your position? 

"In my role as a Senior Application Engineer Data Centers, I'm responsible for actively driving and managing the technology evaluation stage of the sales process. Working in conjunction with EMEA & APAC region's Data Center Sales team as a technical advisor and product advocate, I analyze customer’s technical specifications, apply appropriate product offerings to meet the customers’ expectations in cost-effective and timely manner, offer alternative solutions to optimize profitability while meeting customer needs”.


What's the most innovative Munters product that you are most "proud" of?

“I'm proud to say that Munters team have designed and developed Oasis™ Indirect Evaporative Cooler system specifically for Data Centers with energy efficiency as the central driver. These products not only maximize energy savings for customers but also contribute in lowering carbon footprint to the environment. Dealing with such products brings a sense of feeling that we at Munters are working on an innovative technology and solutions”.

Maybe you know the game “I pack my bag and take with me…”

Give me 3 things you pack from your daily life which you need or characterize you and tell me why it is important for you.

“When I’m away from home, I’m always with a pen, a pocket diary and wallet. My wallet always has a first aid plaster, a sheet of wet wipe and a tiny data drive”.

How would you say that your bag items reflect you?

Shaur: “First air plaster and sheet of wet wipe always comes handy in situations like cut or bruises and most of the time I have lend this to others during minor accidents. My pocket diary has loads of personal information and I use my pen to jot down. In this electronic era, tiny data drive comes handy for exchanging files; be at work or home and it does contain all my personal data in electronic format”.

Tell me about a fun experience at Munters.

“My colleague was listening to music during a lunch break and when I enquired, he said it’s one of the hit songs from Bob Marley. Because I didn’t appreciate the music, he asked whether I like Bob Marley other songs. I’m not too much oriented to music so I had not heard about Bob Marley (may be because it was of not my generation coming from an Asian sub-continent). It was an embarrassing and funny experience when he and other colleagues got to know that I don’t know Bob Marley. Now I know that Bob Marley was one of the greatest musicians of 70s and to my surprise I started listening to few of his great hits from Exodus”.

What challenges are you facing in your day-to-day job?

“Everyday brings a new challenge in Munters and I really like going after challenges. In recent days, there is a surge in the enquiries for customized products and solutions for which not all the information are readily available. Sometimes the information has to be collected from people, internal or external and emails may not be the quickest or easiest. Talking to people and meeting them brings more solutions or ideas. A typical day for me goes in such activities where I collect information, calculate information and share information through reports and records. We are in a process of setting up improved methods for information repository and tracking which would help us in future needs and definitely improve productivity”.

 What would a perfect Sunday be like for you?

“Late breakfast, cooking with my wife and spending time with kids”.

Was there anything that surprised you when you started at Munters?

“Many young faces in the team which was a contrast to my earlier workplace. There is a lot of positive energy and motivation with colleagues at Munters which automatically boost your energy”.

What would your friends say is your biggest strength?

“My friends say that smile on face makes them ease to talk. I personally feel my strength is keeping things tidy and neat no matter you are at home or at work”.

What would your best career advice be for a new employee who is about to start a career with Munters?

“Munters is a place for forward looking persons who has passion to contribute their bit in achieving overall objective of delivering "Perfect Climate” to our Munters customers. Its great place to work which has a positive environment and opportunities are abundance for personal and professional growth”.

What’s the best part of your job?

“Talking to different people, systems, tools, techniques and funnelling that information in the form of a submittal brings me a relief that I’m contributing to the grown of Munters in my own sphere and at the same time enhancing my knowledge”.

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