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Application & Tips

There are different ways to apply to Munters, but we generally recommend submitting your portfolio using our application-management system. This allows us to process your data smoothly and respond to your application quickly: it also saves you time and money.

Filling out the application only takes 5 to 10 minutes and you can include your files as attachments. Do you have a profile at XING or LinkedIn? Then you can also conveniently import your files there into our application management system.

1.  Applying

You can apply here on our website of through the Business Network (LinkedIn and Xing). We recommend the application management system, which is quick and easy to use.

After submitting your application, you will receive an application acknowledgement letter within the next 24 hours.

2. Selection process

It is important for us to carefully review each application in great detail during the selection process.

Therefore, the overall duration of the selection process can vary depending on the position and the number of applications. Typically, the selection process starts a few days after the job advertisement goes online. You can expect information on your updated status within 3-5 weeks. The process will be shorter if you send all relevant documents and information with your completed resume at the beginning.

3. Interviews

If you are selected for the next step in the recruitment process, you will be invited to participate in an initial interview or a preliminary talk by phone or Skype. The form of the job interview depends on your prospective job function and position. You will receive details about the interview in your invitation letter. 

For some positions, we will invite you to participate in a second interview, which can be with the manager or with an experienced team member of the relevant department. We use the second interview to clarify all additional questions, check your skills in detail, and to give you some idea of what it means to work for Munters. HR personnel will accompany you throughout all stages of the process and are available to answer your questions.

4. Assessment (optional)

You may be invited to participate in an Assessment Center, which we occasionally us for certain positions.

5. Pre employment screening

The final analysis of the interviews and candidates takes approximately one week. At this time, you will receive the results and information about the next steps in the process.  

The overall duration for the recruitment process takes between 4-7 weeks depending on position and number of applications. We are carefully reviewing each application individually, because all candidates should be given the same chance to be selected. Therefore, the duration of your feedback can vary. We ask for your patience and thank you for your understanding.

6. Job offer

Upon the successful completion of the application process, you will receive a job offer from Munters.  


7. The application system 

The system offers many exciting functions:

  • You can save your online application and update it later.
  • You can enter your data once and use it to apply to multiple positions.
  • Your application status can be accessed at any time (including using your mobile phone).
  • You will receive an overview of your applications to date.
  • You can subscribe to our job-openings updates so you are automatically informed about any listings that meet your criteria.
  • You can also register via XING or LinkedIn

It goes without saying that your personal data is treated with the greatest confidentiality. If you are interested, you can read about our data privacy statement here

If you prefer, you can also apply without registering. This is true, whether you are interested in a specific position or are sending an unsolicited application.

After you have completed the application process, we would be pleased to receive your feedback via the automatic rating system. 

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