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Best Data Centre Energy Solution Award for Oasis® IEC

Munters is delighted to be awarded 'Best Data Centre Energy Solution' for Oasis® IEC at Datacloud Asia 2018.

On March 22nd, 2018, at the Datacloud Asia awards ceremony held at the Capella Hotel in Singapore, awards were presented in honor of the year's outstanding individuals and businesses currently shaping the Asian data economy.

The awards, one of the most prestigious accolades in the technology sector, recognise innovation and excellence in the flourishing Asia digital infrastructure market.

Munters Group, the global leader of energy efficient air treatment and climate solutions, accepted the award from Broadgroup “Best Data Centre Energy Solution” with the Oasis® IEC indirect evaporative cooling system.  This low energy cooling solution is scalable for future growth and able to cope with Tropical Climates, local air pollution, multi-story data halls and meets shipping requirements. With savings up to 75% energy costs compared to water cooled chillers with CRAH's this is a truly energy efficient solution also leading to massive savings in infrastructure and space.

 Munters accepts Best Data Centre Energy Solution Award

Image left to right - Broadgroup representative, Munters Kevin Hughes, Dean Scicluna, Sheila Shi 

Kevin Hughes, Vice President of Sales for Munters APAC commented, “Munters are very proud to receive this prestigious award for “Best Data Energy Solution” with the Oasis IEC solution.  Due to the flexible nature of the Oasis, this modular system can be configured and designed to fit most data centre build designs and airflow configurations and offers data centre owners and operators in APAC an energy efficient and sustainable cooling solution”

Benefits and features:

  • Munters advanced patented heat exchanger technology cools the air as it passes
  • Save up to 75% energy costs compared to water cooled chillers with CRAH's
  • Configurable for Multi-story design for high rise / multi-level buildings
  • Multiple airflow configurations for various installations
  • Zero particulate and gaseous contamination – no air mixing
  • Scalable cooling capacity so it can grow with your data centre
  • Use with any fresh water type including rain water for low water costs
Award photo - 640 x 480.jpg
Oasis DCiE left facing with panels.jpg

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