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Animal Welfare

Good air quality, optimal feed management, and good husbandry practices are essential for ensuring the welfare of broiler chickens. Poor air quality, lack of proper nutrition, and inadequate living conditions can lead to a range of issues, including respiratory problems, disease, and reduced growth rates. By providing an optimal environment, broiler chickens can thrive and reach their full potential. This is why profitability and welfare go hand in hand. Providing the appropriate climate reduces stress, injury and diseases, improving the quality of the meat.

The Importance of Air Quality for Broiler Chicken Welfare

Maintaining good air quality is crucial to ensure the welfare of broiler chickens in poultry houses. Poor air quality can lead to the buildup of harmful gases such as ammonia, CO2, and dust, which can cause respiratory problems and stress for the birds. Proper ventilation and air filtration systems can help to maintain optimal levels of temperature, humidity, and air quality, ensuring that the birds are healthy and comfortable.


By monitoring the conditions inside the house and the birds behaviour in real time, it is possible to maintain high air quality and act promptly in case of need. Thanks to the system of real-time notifications, we alert the growers in case of problems or needs, and they can reset the parameters.


Breath more easy in a Munters climate

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Promoting Natural Behavior with Real-time Climate Control

Climate control plays a vital role in promoting movement and natural behaviors. By regulating ventilation, temperature, circulation, and humidity, climate control ensures that the indoor environment mimics the birds' natural habitat, promoting their physical and mental well-being. Optimal temperature levels reduce heat stress, which encourages the birds to engage in natural behaviors such as dust bathing, pecking, and preening. Controlled ventilation also helps to reduce ammonia levels, a factor known to suppress broiler activity. Maintaining an appropriate level of humidity helps to reduce dust and promote healthy respiratory functions.

Ultimately, by providing a comfortable and natural environment for broiler chickens, climate control can enhance their quality of life, increase their overall health, and promote higher productivity.

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Ensuring Safe and Timely Feed Deliveries

Ensuring timely and safe delivery of feed is essential for the health and welfare of broiler chickens. Proper feed management practices, including accurate forecasting and reliable logistics, help to ensure that the birds receive their feed on schedule and in good condition.


Enhanche animal health & welfare by improving your feed management system

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Keep Your Poultry Farms Safe with Lavamatic Exhaust Air Cleaner

Revolutionize your farm's air quality with Lavamatic's innovative exhaust air cleaning solution. Our prefabricated module features a unique drum unit that significantly reduces harmful ammonia, dust, and germs released into the environment. Lavamatic can be installed on the gable or long side of your stable, providing a safe environment for your animals and people. With an optional biological stage for odor reduction, Lavamatic is the ultimate solution to modernize your farm.


Join the revolution today and learn more about Lavamatic's cutting-edge technology

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