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Mist Elimination and Gas Liquid Separation

Mist Elimination and Gas Liquid Separation

Munters supplies solutions and services to several industries in the world. Munters mist elimination systems are virtually everywhere there are liquids and gases that need to be separated.

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Munters Mist Eliminators help anywhere liquids and gases need to be separated. 

Liquid droplets cause severe technical problems in a process such as reduced process efficiency, physical damage to downstream components, and loss of product and process fluids.
Munters supplies complete solutions to engineering companies and end users to overcome the technical and environmental risks in order to secure ideal process results. The technical expertise comprises equipment design, flow studies, separation performance guarantees and the delivery of hardware as well as the supervision of installation.

Latest developments within Mist Elimination

  • Helix

Munters Helix helps protect the environment around the stack. By using less power than alternative options, it can result in a reduced carbon footprint, helping the plant operate in a more sustainable way. Learn more about Helix

  • UltraFlow

Munters UltraFlow mist eliminator is around 20% more compact than traditional designs, while offering the same efficient operation as all Munters mist elimination products. The smaller size means that you consume up to 50% less water than the alternative options, which in turn means that 30% less pump capacity is needed. Learn more about UltraFlow

Discover Clean technologies

Clean technologies by Munters include mist elimination technology, mass transfer solutions and VOC abatement technologies. Enhance process productivity, lower emissions and reduce your carbon footprint with Clean technologies. Together we will deliver clean air to the world.

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