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Feed management

Effective feed management is crucial for maximizing meat production in broiler chickens. Proper feeding practices ensure that your birds receive the right amount and quality of nutrients necessary for optimal growth and health. This includes monitoring feed intake, avoiding feed waste, and maintaining feed quality through proper storage and handling at every link in the production chain. Regular monitoring of feed conversion rates helps detect any issues and make necessary adjustments to the feeding program. Feed management also plays a role in reducing the amount of waste and urine produced, helping to maintain optimal air quality and reduce the risk of disease.

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Ensuring feed safety with real-time monitoring

Digital connectivity in the feed supply of broiler chickens provides several benefits, including feed safety. By digitally connecting the different stages of the production process, it is possible to track the feed ingredients from the feed mills, through the layer houses, and into the end processing plant. This ensures that the birds are receiving the correct feed at the right time, and also provides valuable information for traceability and food safety purposes.

With digital integration, feed can be monitored and adjusted in real-time, reducing the risk of feed outages and improving bird growth rates, resulting in increased production and profitability.


Connect your farm with Trio Poultry

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Revolutionize your poultry production with digital automation

Unlock the full potential of your poultry production with digital automation. Say goodbye to downtime and high costs, and say hello to increased efficiency and higher output. With digital integration of your feed mills, layer houses, and processing plant, you'll enjoy the ease of predicting maintenance needs and streamlining processes. Experience a new level of convenience and take your poultry production to the next level.

Explore our digital solutions for poultry farm management

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Humidity control for grain storage and milling operations

Proper humidity control in feed mills is essential to maintain the integrity and quality of stored grains and other produce. It helps reduce waste and preserve the nutritional value of the output, which translates to a more profitable and efficient milling operation. Investing in a reliable humidity control system ensures optimal moisture levels in your feed mill, thus reducing spoilage and promoting longevity of your stored products. With the right system in place, you can ensure consistent quality and improved overall efficiency of your milling process.

Streamline feed mill operations and maximize broilers profitability with Amino

Track all of your feed mill operations with Amino from MTech Systems, from individual ingredients to formula versions, from orders to dispatches. By connecting to the broiler farm and leveraging the power of one centralized system, you can manage all feed production costs, optimize bird performance, Feed Conversion Rate, and increase profit.

Discover the Feed Mill module in Amino, from MTech Systems


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