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DH 2100-FGD Mist Eliminator for FGD

DH Series - Vane-type

  • High separation efficiency
  • Specifically designed for high liquid volume
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low maintenance cost due to simple operating principle and long lifetime
  • Wide face velocity range
  • Tailor made lengths available
  • Wide range of assembly profiles available
  • In house ISO 9001 certified manufacturing



The DH 2100-FGD (T 100) is a vane type droplet separator for horizontal gas flow. The DH2100-FGD with the panel design was first used in horizontal downstream ducts of FGD absorber towers. Most of the times an automated cleaning system is installed. This not only increases the lifetime of the entire system it also decreases the maintenance to a minimum. The gas flow charged with liquid droplets is directed through eliminator vanes that are designed for turning the direction of the gas flow. As a result of this configuration, inertial forces act on the droplets. The droplets impinge onto the profile surface where they form a liquid film that is subsequently drained off as a result of gravity. Specially shaped separating chambers ensure that the liquid is drained off in the correct manner while at the same time enhancing the separation of very fine droplets. The separator is typically used in a panel design in the horizontal duct section of FGD absorbers.

The DH 2100-FGD (T 100) is typically used in gas cleaning devices with high liquid loading such as

• FGD absorbers (Flue Gas Desulphurization)
• Horizontal scrubbers
• Gas cleaning devices in waste incineration plants

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