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Increase milk production by 10 litres per cow per day

The Simon family operates a small dairy farm in the vicinity of Garibaldi, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and maintain a herd of 77 cows. Summer temperatures frequently exceed 30˚C and at these temperatures the cows suffer a lot from heat stress which have two significant negative impacts on the herd and the business of the Simon family.

The climate control solution from Munters improved the welfare of the cows on the Simon family farm significantly by virtually
eliminating heat stress in the cows. This in return improved the income for the Simon family significantly by a combination of
two factors. First, up to 10l per cow per day of milk production was recovered during the 5 hot months of the year. Second,
overall milk production increased during the 5 hot months because more cows were in production because a dry period of 2
months between lactations could be maintained.

Heat stress

Firstly the herd average for milk production drops about 10 Liters per cow per day. During the cool winter months the herd
average is around 25 Liters per cow per day, but during the 5 hot months of the year, this can fall to as low as 15l per cow
per day.

Secondly conception rates of the cows dropped significantly during summer months when the cows suffer from heat stress. The
Simon family strives to have a 2 month dry period between the lactation periods for their cows. In summer months this dry
period grows much longer and sometimes it is not even possible to get cows pregnant when they suffer from heat stress. This
extended dry period between lactations lead to a significant loss of income for the Simon family.

Climate control solution

Munters, together with their local dealer Cooperativa Santa Clara recommended a simple yet very effective climate solution
to the Simon family, which consists of 4 x Euroemme MFS52 circulation fans positioned such that they provide cooling to the
cows when they lay down in their stalling and soaking nozzles placed above the feed lines which soak the cows while
feeding. The combination of the two systems worked wonders!

Hurtige fakta

  • Eliminate heat stress
  • Improve conception rates
  • Recover lost milk during the hot months
  • Increase overall milk production

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