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Landbrug – ventilation af kalkunstald og køling af lagerrum

With a market share above 38%, Procavi S.L. is a Spanish company leader in the turkey meat production business. Procavi production control gives them a traceable system to directly control all activities: from incubation, quality control, and slaughterhouse to meat processing. Procavi has invested heavily during the past years in all their installations and has chosen Munters as their main supplier of climate control solutions for their farms and cold storage rooms.

The Munters solution for farm climate control

To guarantee farm performance, animal growth and feed conversion ratio, Procavi installed a complete cooling system in most of their structures.

Air extraction demand can vary greatly depending on season. Procavi installed Euroemme® EM50n and EM36 exhaust fans to accurately achieve this air extraction demand.

Maintaining maximum ventilation rate is necessary during the warmest months to reduce heat stress. That´s why Munters cooling system uses CELdek® evaporative pads with the EM50n high efficiency exhaust fan, a perfect combination to ensure ideal conditions.

A lower ventilation rate is required for colder months, which is why EM36 fans were installed. They prevent sudden wind chills, thereby maintaining the animals under optimal conditions.

The Munters solution for cold storage rooms

Ice build-up can occur on ceilings, walls and floors, and is time-consuming to remove. If left, it can be a health and safety hazard since it can fall on workers and cause accidents. To avoid ice and frost problems in its cold storage Procavi S.L. installed a ML1000 IceDry® system.

The ML1100 removes humidity in the air inlet of the cold storage. At Procavi, this is located between the loading bay and the cold storage. Removing humidity, the dehumidifier supplies dry air with a very low dew point.

Munters is a global supplier of systems and solutions for air treatment and climate control, we provide energy-efficient solutions for comfort and process industries in an environmentally friendly way. We are located in over 30 countries and can provide our solutions in any part of the world.

Hurtige fakta

  • Stable production and reduced animal stress levels
  • Reduced mortality (3% lower) and improved feed conversion ratio (5% higher)
  • Constant conditions: stable performance of the cooling unit no matter external conditions.
  • Increased efficiency: cooling unit efficiency increased by reducing frost in the evaporators.
  • Less maintenance and energy costs due to defrost reduction
  • Better hygienic conditions ensure optimal product quality
  • Preventing ice build-up saves time and makes the working environment safe

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