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Dråbeadskiller – Marine Air Intakes for bedre miljø

The strength and versatility of a major shipbuilder in the Netherlands lies in its ships, which are custom built. For over 150 years, they have proudly built sea-going vessels such as bulk carriers, dredgers, gas, bitumen and chemical tankers, fishing vessels and container ships. All ships built have adhered to strict quality control, creative solutions, and cost-conscious methods.

Need for high quality Mist Eliminators

“Naturally, our customers expect their investment to perform to the highest standards,” says the shipyard´s Managing Director, “With this in mind, our ships must be practical, durable and efficient at sea and in port. And any supplier equipment we order must meet our high standards.”

Quality Munters equipment
The need for quality products is one of the reasons they chose Munters Clean Technologies equipment for one of its dredgers. The Munters equipment was installed on this ship with the operation area situated in the hostile high seas of the Biscay gulf.

“Besides the engine room, this type of ship has all kinds of heavy machinery installed, including pumps that are in constant need of sufficient ventilation,” says the manufacturer.

“The ship also has a relatively low freeboard (the distance between the waterline and the top of the uppermost continuous deck) which causes heavy water loads. Therefore, we believed there was definitely a need for high quality mist eliminators.”

Munters Mist Eliminators keep ships dry

“Because ships have high ventilation rates and low freeboard, in combination with the operation area, they take a lot of salt water onboard. Therefore, both the shipyard and the operator/owner wanted to protect their investment. The manufacturers managing director says he believes they made a good choice when they chose Munters Clean Technologies equipment.

“Since our vision is to build ships that excel in terms of technology, efficiency, and safety, we also need the very best suppliers who have the same vision for their equipment as we do for ours. We are fully satisfied with Munters solution since even during harsh weather conditions, we’ve seen that the duct sections behind the installed Mist Eliminators have remained absolutely dry.”

Hurtige fakta

  • Completely dry duct section even under the harshest weather conditions
  • Adequate engine and machine room ventilation
  • Excellent protection of their investment; reduced levels of corrosion and moisture

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