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Speeding up the sterilization process with Munters

STERIS® is a global leader in infection prevention, contamination control, surgical and critical care technologies. It was founded as Innovative Medical Technologies in 1985 and renamed STERIS in 1987, although its history dates back to 1894 with the founding of “American Sterilizer Company”, a pioneer and leading innovator of sterilization products.

Protection year round

Among its many products and service, STERIS was an early innovator in developing low pressure and low temperature sterilization and decontamination solutions. STERIS VHP® systems, for example have greatly helped the biopharmaceutical industry by allowing for the sterilization and/ or decontamination of temperature and pressure sensitive drugs, media and materials.

The VHP process leaves no residual and is highly compatible with most materials including sensitive electronic equipment. VHP breaks down naturally into oxygen and water vapor.

It is these low temperature VHP applications , where Munters technologies play a key role in ensuring a fast and effective cycle. It’s very simple!

In the VHP process STERIS uses a hydrogen peroxide solution in dry and warm environmental conditions. These conditions can be reached by supplying dry air to the STERIS VHP unit. This dry air is, in turn, heated creating a dryer and warmer air.

Shorter cycles and less downtime

Munters has installed MCS300 units for this application and has helped to get the desired environmental conditions The principle of our desiccant wheel is simple, ecological and energy efficient: two air streams pass simultaneously through the slowly rotating rotor that is treated with a highly effective desiccant. One air stream is dehumidified to provide the necessary dry air, the other dries the rotor, exhausting the accumulated moisture externally.

“Munters MCS300 is a high quality unit and has performed well for us as part of our VHP system. We particularly like the rugged metal frame, stainless steel access panels, and innovative control system””, said Alberto García, Project Manager de STERIS.

Hurtige fakta

  • Higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide vapor
  • Avoid condensation problems
  • Keep the decontamination cycle time to a minimum
  • Shorter cycles and less downtime
  • Savings in production costs
  • Quality and reliability in the process

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