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EXTRUdek 150



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The EXTRUdek water distribution system from Munters provides highly durable means of mounting 150mm thick CELdek® evaporative cooling pads and supplying water to the pads. Together these form an ideal complete system for incorporating evaporative cooling into the ventilation system of a structure.
Corrosion of metal parts is a frequent problem amongst gutters used to mount evaporative cooling pads. This leads to frequent leaks and a short life expectancy on such systems. Additionally a lot of time can be wasted on maintenance by trying to keep the system functional. In order to reduce the time and money spent on such unnecessary activities and increase the life expectancy of such a system, all the parts of the EXTRUdek system are manufactured in either extruded aluminium or plastic, which provides for an extremely durable system.
The main structural components of the system are the top and bottom extruded aluminium gutters. They have the dual purpose of holding the pads as well as distributing the water. A perforated water distribution pipe with a unique self-cleaning shape is in the top gutter. This allows for the even distribution of water onto the top of the pads, eliminating dry streaks in the pads.

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