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Munters high-temperature heater provides custom solution for creamery

A creamery located in the Midwest required a replacement heater for one of their spray drying systems that processes powdered milk. In addition, it was required that the equipment be manufactured in accordance with USDA guidelines.


Their existing heater was no longer
effective causing the creamery to encounter
nearly 20% downtime. Also, it was installed
such that it traversed two stories of the
building. The customer wanted to locate
the heater on a single story with the same
footprint as the previous equipment.
Consequently, the installation site had
very tight dimensional constraints.

Varimax IFRG Solves the Problem

The creamery chose a custom-manufactured
Munters VariMax™ IFRG heater to replace their
inefficient and oversized heater. In order to fit the
heater in the allotted space on a single floor,
Munters’ engineers worked with the OEM from
the quote stage through the engineering phase to
avoid existing piping, duct work, columns, walls,
etc. A custom exhaust interface supplied by
Munters enabled the customer to utilize their
existing exhaust stack from the previous heater,
ensuring a smooth installation.
The design condition at the installation site
was extremely low, -20°F. The VariMax™ IFRG
provided 8MMBH to the process, heating
17,000 SCFM from -20°F to 415°F. The
VariMax™ IFRG was also built in accordance
with USDA standards, an important requirement
of the customer. With the VariMax™ IFRG, the
creamery is experiencing less downtime and
greater profitability.
The highly efficient VariMax™ IFRG heater
combines Munters heat exchanger design with
indirect heating technologies to deliver heated,
contaminated-free process air while reducing
operating costs.
Recirculation of the combustion gases allows
the heater to attain an efficiency of 90%,
1,000°F (555°C) temperature rise, 1,200°F
(649°C) discharge temperature, and a 40:1
turndown. The rugged, heavy-duty construction
ensures a reliable, long-lasting heat source for
years to come.

Kilka faktów

  • Minimum of 90% thermal system efficiency
  • Burner turn-down up to 40:1
  • Provides constant temperature at variable airflows
  • Nominal temperature rise to 1,000° F; Discharge to 1,200°F

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