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Efficient electronics, no rust and energy consumption halved

At MittSverige Sweden, a number of water reservoirs ensure that residents in the Sundsvall region always have a good supply of fresh clean water. The water is taken from wells and pumped to the water treatment plant, where it is collected in reservoirs and distributed to households

Electronics protection

The water reservoir building distributes several 100m2 of water per day and houses electrical cabinets, motors and other equipment essential to the water flow. The process creates a damp climate naturally caused by warm, moist air meeting a cold surface as well as added underground soil moisture. This results in corrosion, condensation, and problems with the electronics.

The thin layer of water vapour molecules that settle on the metal surfaces supply an electrolyte to the corrosion process.

MittSverige Water chose Munters dehumidification

Lars Lövgren, MittSverige Water‘s engineer says: - “I started by reviewing our operating costs. Where could we save money? We saw that the cost of electricity to heat the unmanned buildings to our major reservoirs was very high, and began to explore alternative solutions”

“To avoid rust requires an environment of 50% RH. As Munters have worked with dehumidification since the 40s. We installed their ComDry M160L driers in our two largest reservoirs, and have more than halved energy consumption in each building, from 40,000kWh to 18,000kWh.”

“The investment has paid for itself in less than a year. We are very satisfied! We have a completely different climate in our buildings, much fresher and corrosion has stopped. Also our alarm devices are no longer affected by the moisture.”

Kilka faktów

  • Lightweight, compact and efficient
  • Integrated humidity and temperature sensor
  • Robust and reliable
  • Energy efficient
  • Available with air cooled condenser

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