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A prerequisite for high quality spray drying

Swedish AB Cernelle is the founder of superior pollen extracts for medical treatment. Started in 1953, the company had a vision that purified extracts of pollen would be of value to improve human health.

Methods were created for collection and process of pollen in large scale in order to develop active pharmaceutical ingredients, Cernitin pollen extracts. Today Cernelle is passionately committed to developing and delivering cernitin pollen extracts drugs for effective relief of lower urinary tract symptoms caused by benign prostate abnormalities, such as prostate hyperplasia, chronic prostatits and pelvic pain syndrome.

Cernitol, Cernitol Novum, Cernilton are registered pharmaceutical drugs based on Cernelle´s unique and superior pollen extracts.

The product Cernilton is used as first line treatment in Japan today. Over 200 million tablets were sold in Europe and Asia during 2015.

Cernelle has dedicated facilities for pollen extraction and dry pharmaceutical production of tablets, capsules and powder. The company is certified by the Swedish Medical Product Agency. Since March 2005 the company is a subsidiary of Backahill AB.

Dry air to control drying process

At Cernelle, the spray drying has always been performed with dry air from a Munters desiccant dehumidifier. For many years a MX2100 dehumidifier was placed impractically high above and close to the spray drier. Over the years, the dehumidifiers electrical parts started to suffer from the content of sugar in the air. Sugar is being added to the drying process and the fine sugar powder caused problems when adhering onto control boards inside the dehumidifier. Furthermore the control system of the dehumidifier started to become outdated and despite some updates to optimise the operation of the system, Munters recommended to replace the MX dehumidifier with a more modern and energy efficient ML dehumidifier.

Modern and energy efficient

A desiccant dehumidifier type ML23 was installed in a small room next to the spray drier to avoid the negative impact from the sugar dust. The ML23 is a modern dehumidifier that offers numerous advanced features as standard including an integrated PLC unit that displays over 10 alarm indicators, an operating time counter, as well as an optional remote control.

At Cernelle a remote display has been placed in a central control room. From here, both read-outs and changes to settings can easily be carried out. The dehumidifier also has integrated heat recovery, making it extremely energy efficient.

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  • Stable and fully humidity controlled drying climate
  • Shortest possible drying time
  • Maintains high product quality
  • No caking of product inside spray tower
  • No bacterial growth thanks to low and controlled humidity
  • Upgrade of dehumidification solution saves up to 75% energy

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