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Munters innovates with virtual moisture- and carbon free process air

syys 28, 2023 10.30

Combining dehumidification with carbon capture technology, Munters and GreenCap are now setting the scene to enable a virtually carbon- and moisture-free production process for many applications and industries. The first implementation in Europe is in place.

Munters, in partnership with GreenCap Solutions, a company developing carbon capture technology, can now present the first implementation of virtually moisture- and carbon-free process air systems in a production facility in Europe. The solution using Munters DSS Pro for dehumidification and GreenCap’s DAC process for carbon capture has been in operation for a few months.

“This integration of dehumidification and carbon capture technology provides the right climate for production processes related to the electrification of society. The technology will improve the quality and lifetime of customers’ products, thereby making them more sustainable. This innovation is relevant to many industries and applications,” says Henrik Teiwik, President AirTech and Group Vice President, Munters.

The collaboration between Munters and GreenCap stretches back to 2020. Ultra-low humidity environments are becoming increasingly interesting for Munters customers and GreenCap’s licensed technology enables the delivery of a complete solution. In carbon-capture technology, Munters DSS Pro allows the CO2 removers to become very effective.

“The collaboration between Munters and GreenCap is already proving its purpose. Applying our patented DAC technology to reduce the carbon in dehumidification solutions, we are taking a large step in reaching the sustainability requirements for instance from the battery industry,” says Ørjan Aukland, CEO at GreenCap Solutions.

Industrialized and produced by Munters, this innovative technology will contribute to improving the quality of customers’ products. There are further opportunities to develop the technology together with GreenCap, to support many industries in their drive towards their sustainability ambitions.

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Investors and analysts

Ann-Sofi Jönsson, Vice President, Investor Relations and Enterprise Risk Management
E-mail: ann-sofi.jonsson@munters.com, Phone: +46 (0)730 251 005


Eva Carlsson, Director External Communications
E-mail: eva.carlsson@munters.com, Phone: +46 (0)70 88 33 500

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