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Munters Spotlights

Munters Spotlight is where we'll share our expertise, thoughts, and experiences. This is where you'll meet our experts, get insights into situations where the indoor climate matters even more than one would think, as well as our thoughts on new development within climate control. In short: Munters Spotlight aims to cover interesting aspects of climate control in industrial processes, storage, and in other applications. _______________________________________________________________

Dehumidification and Food Safety

From raw materials in silos and conveying lines, through to packaging and storage of the finished product, there are many areas throughout food processing where the right indoor climate is essential. As sponsors of the Food Manufacture Food Safety briefing, we're looking at how dehumidification can improve safety in food processing plants. Read the Spotlight here.
18 September 2023

Why good humidity control matters in modern spray drying

Food, pharmaceutical, and other production processes dealing with powder production, utilize spray drying to ensure product quality and consistency. But spray drying requires stable humidity conditions to work at its premium. Read the Spotlight here.
29 August 2023

How to avoid Listeria in meat production

To guarantee food safety, good hygiene during food production is essential. Cleaning and disinfection play an important role, but also moisture control as water is the breeding ground for microorganisms and pathogens. Read the Spotlight here.
26 July 2023 

Minimize risk of microorganisms in meat production facilities

Organisms that can only be seen through a microscope, microorganisms, can be found everywhere. Fungi, molds, yeasts, and bacteria are all examples of microorganisms. And meat is the food source with the highest risk for microbial growth. So what’s required to make your factory clean of microorganisms? Read the Spotlight here.
4 July 2023

The Art of Humidity Control in Meat Processing and Dry Aging

High and fluctuating humidity levels in meat processing facilities, result in excess moisture that traditionally require labour and maintenance to control. Humidity control on the other hand, is proven to enhance quality, tenderness, and flavor. Here's a Munters Spotlight on the art of humidity control in meat processing and dry aging. Read the Spotlight here.
12 June 2023

The Crucial Role of Humidity Control in Cold Storage

When it comes to cold storage, ensuring optimal humidity control is of paramount importance. Failing to address this crucial factor can lead to a multitude of issues that can impact on operations both inside and outside the cold store. Ensure safety, hygiene, efficiency, and energy savings with dehumidification. Read the Spotlight here
5 June 2023

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