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Air quality

Proper air quality is essential for healthy, productive layer hens. Indoor facilities must have adequate ventilation to remove excess moisture, heat, and ammonia, reduce particulate buildup, and improve respiratory health. Munters offers ventilation solutions and management of ammonia levels and feed waste to achieve optimal temperature, humidity, and air quality. Ensure the well-being of your layer hens and boost their productivity with Munters.

Upgrade your farm with lavamatic exhaust air cleaner

Upgrade your farm's air quality with Lavamatic's advanced exhaust air cleaner. With a complete, prefabricated module and unique drum unit, Lavamatic drastically reduces harmful emissions for safer, healthier animals and people. Plus, it's easy to install on your stable's gable wall or long side.


Improve your farm's air quality

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Proper ventilation can help to remove excess ammonia from the air and keep particles at a safe level for the birds. A cleaner, less toxic environment leads to happier and more productive hens


Reducing CO2 levels in poultry environments improves air quality, reduces respiratory stress, enhances feed conversion and egg production, and increases overall hen health and well-being

Increasing profitability and animal welfare with heat recovery

Utilize the heat generated by poultry to provide warmth, reducing energy costs and alleviating air quality concerns in poultry houses. Ensure a comfortable and healthy environment for your birds. With the Heat X Rotate poultry growers can create the optimal climate while keeping heating costs low.


Save energy with Heat X Rotate

Maximizing Egg Production Through Proper Ventilation

It is well established that effectively managing environmental conditions reduces the cost of production. Proper ventilation also helps to reduce the build-up of dust, mold and other harmful particulates, which can cause respiratory issues and reduced egg production.


Real-time air quality management lets you monitor, analyze and control the environment inside the hen house from any device.


Discover all the benefits of digitally controlled ventilation


Managing Ammonia Levels in Layer Hen Houses

There are several strategies for decreasing ammonia within the layer hen houses. These strategies can be used individually or in combination and can help encourage good house air quality and better poultry performance potential. These strategies include ventilation and management of both the house and the poultry litter/manure.


Ventilation acts as an in-house air quality control, removing ammonia from the house and bringing in clean air. Maintaining appropriate ventilation during all seasons will help reduce the gaseous ammonia levels and keep the litter dry.

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