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touko 23

Webinar: Every cocoa bean counts

touko 23 10.00 - 11.00

Join our confectionery webinar, where Martin Ginty, Market Intelligence Manager at Munters, will discuss how climate control helps reduce losses of cocoa and other dry ingredients by improving storage conditions in the confectionery industry. This is crucial to minimize waste and ensure the quality of products such as chocolate bars, breakfast cereals, cookies, and other treats.

Date: Thursday, May 23rd
Time: 10am BST (GMT +1) / 11 am CET
Speaker: Martin Ginty, Market Intelligence Manager at Munters

Secure your place today! 

The webinar will cover how to store any type of confectionery ingredients, with a focus on cocoa beans and cocoa production.  Topics include 

  • Is your process and storage meeting the challenges of today, as ingredients are scarce and cocoa price is going up at an alarming rate?
  • Can your business tolerate losses like it used to?
  • Optimal storage climate throughout the confectionery production chain
  • Energy savings to avoid unnecessary price increases for consumers
  • Remote control to allow faster intervention

Can't make it on May 23rd? Sign up anyway, and we’ll share the webinar recording for you to watch at your convenience.



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