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Control climate and save energy

Control climate and save energy

Munters has made the best even better with the launch of the new, ultra-sleek ComDry NX range. These next-generation, portable plug-and-play dehumidifiers feature a cutting-edge control system, new drive motor and AirC Wireless connectivity. Indoor climates are controlled precisely and efficiently, and the ComDry NX range is 20% more energy efficient than most competitors.

The Munters difference in climate control

  • Why dehumidification?

    Why dehumidification?

    Industrial dehumidification can efficiently control climate in both commercial and industrial spaces where moisture management, ventilation and air temperature are challenges. High moisture removal rate, reduced energy costs and consistent performance and just some of the benefits of Munters desiccant dehumidification.

  • The best just got better

    The best just got better

    The Munters ComDry portable dehumidifier range has been controlling climates for many years, with over 25,000 units produced. Owners have come to trust these quality, portable dehumidifiers. Now Munters has made the best even better with the launch of the all-new Munters ComDry NX. This lightweight, easy-to-install range of portable dehumidifiers delivers superior drying capacity to control indoor climates.

  • Ideal for remote spaces

    Ideal for remote spaces

    The Munters ComDry NX range was designed for remote spaces. This lightweight, plug-and-play, portable dehumidifier range creates the perfect climate for indoor environments such as windmills, storage facilities, museums and waterworks.

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  • Save energy

    Save energy

    Munters knows how important saving energy is to our customers. Upgrading to a ComDry NX will not only help the environment, it will enhance your bottom line. The ComDry NX series controls the climate precisely and efficiently, offering 20% more energy efficiency than most competitors.

Mold and degradation building protection

Lidl Denmark commissioned Munters to provide a dehumidification solution that would eliminate condensation and mold in their Bake Off installations. A Munters’ ComDry M210X was selected since it is small, portable, and efficient.

Controlled humidity keeps the chocolate fresh

The Chocolate Academy in Dubai, UAE had condensation problems in its storage area until Munters installed an energy-efficient ComDry M170L dehumidifier. “The problem is now solved! The dehumidifier is very reliable, stable and exceeds our expectations,” explained Philippe Marand, Head of The Chocolate Academy.

Your perfect climate is our Service mission

With decades of experience leading the dehumidification industry, Munters knows what it takes to provide customers with the best possible service and solutions.

We’ll guide you through the entire process, from choosing the best solution for your needs to helping you keep our premium equipment running at optimum levels with minimum energy consumption.

Industry-leading dehumidification solutions. Premium parts. Service for life.

Want to control climate in a remote space?

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