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A sustainable, profitable,            animal-friendly solution

A sustainable, profitable,            animal-friendly solution

The innovative new Munters Saturn Series fans have just made ventilation better for farmers, animals and the planet.


When farmers make an investment, they want it to work for them, day after day, year after year in the most challenging farm environments. That’s why Munters came up with the Saturn series of fans.

They last longer, use less components and reduce running costs while ensuring a healthy environment for your most valuable asset; the animals.

Here’s how!

Animal welfare is directly connected to farm performance, since healthy, comfortable animals mean lower costs for veterinary care and extra feed and water. Climate is an essential factor in achieving animal welfare. That’s why Munters is committed to achieving animal comfort, for healthier livestock and sustainable farm profit growth.

It’s always the right indoor climate with a Munters Saturn Series fan. Munters fans also ensure clean and fresh air whether farmers are preventing insects from coming in or ensuring airborne pathogens find their way out. 

And that means healthier and happier animals, with lower medical bills and higher profits for high-quality livestock.

  • Keep flies and bugs out with fast-opening fans
  • Avoid air drafts with sealed closings
  • Provide the best thermal insulation regardless of the climate outside
  • Darkening solution to avoid light shock
  • Quiet fans reduce noise-stress

For any long-term investment, it’s important to look at all the costs and not just the ones upfront. Munters long-lasting high-performance Saturn fans are a sensible investment that won’t just save you time and money; the animals will thank you for it too.

Total cost of ownership on a 15-year timespan

The following approximated calculation are based on a broiler farm of 22,000 animals in Italy.
The average weight of the bird is 3.5 kg with a bird density of 39 kg/m².

¹Gross price
²Includes wiring, overload protection switches, labor costs
³0.40 Euro/kW
4Includes standard maintenance, cleaning time and spare parts
5Calculated on electricity and natural gas (heating) consumption

Munters Saturn design is simple and innovated to avoid parts that traditionally tend to break down. Less moving parts means less maintenance, less downtime and more focus on the livestock.

  • Simpler, smarter and more durable:
  • Designed with a sealed closing, avoiding air drafts when they are not in operation.
  • Modularized and standardized parts guaranteeing spare parts availability
  • Less maintenance
  • Longer lifespan
  • Lower running costs
  • Lower medical costs due to healthier animals
  • High performance fans

1. Installation options: Munters Saturn Series can be installed from inside the house through the wall (Through wall mount) or directly on the external wall (Wall mount).

2. Drive: Configurable options that adapt to the farm uniqueness: belt drive, direct drive or EC Munters Drive motors with several propeller configurations (3 or 6 blades, metal or composite).

3.Butterfly Damper: The innovative, patent-pending, new butterfly opens immediately at full speed instead of the actuator-driven fans that need a few minutes. This solution means insects and other unwanted visitors can’t find a way through keeping animals healthier and happier. The electricity and heating costs go down also when less time is required to achieve the right ventilation. Suitable for mild and hot climate. In alternative Munters Saturn Series features a patented Anti-Gravity Shutter placed before the body structure. 

4. Discharge cone: The discharge cone is available in metal or plastic.


The Right Climate

Whether the farm is enduring a frozen Arctic winter or the sweltering Asian summer sun, the Munters Saturn series has got growers covered with different solutions for different needs.

The Saturn ONE Series for cold climates: 

  • robust and durable
  • can manage snow accumulation
  • metal parts manage freezing conditions well

The Saturn FIVE Series for mild and hot climates: 

  • ideal ventilation without letting in unwanted bugs
  • composite materials used to avoid heat transfer


There’s a new fan in town

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Munters Saturn fans are simpler and smarter so farmers and animals can enjoy a better climate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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