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Tomatoes in climate controlled greenhouse

Munters circulation fans

- create the optimal indoor climate.

Munters has over the years manufactured the well-known Euroemme® EDC air blower. At the beginning of 2014, Munters ambition to achieve sustainable solutions that provide both environmental and economic benefits for its customers was presented. The European ErP Ecodesign Directive 2009/125 IEC, has led to the introduction of the new Euroemme® EDC-HE air-blowers series.  

The new EDC18HE and EDC24HE fans belong to the new generation of high energy efficient, very robust and reliable air blower fan range, suitable for an extensive variety of professional applications in order to create the optimal indoor climate. The new design of the EDC18HE and EDC24HE air blowers consist of a unique round shaped housing composed of the air conveyor (Venturi) and a discharge cone on the outlet side. Inside the round shape housing, the 3-blade propeller is attached directly to the electrical motor, which is fixed on to the airflow rectifiers. This unique design renders the EDC18HE and EDC24HE as the ideal air blowers which can deliver high airflow capacity with low power consumption. The EDC18HE and EDC24HE have been designed, tested and developed in Munters R&D laboratory, while the performances were confirmed by tests performed in Munters Fan Test Chamber - designed and built according to the ANSI AMCA 201-85 specifications.


Air circulation in Greenhouses

The major advantage of the use of air circulation fans in a greenhouse is to obtain a uniform temperature within the structure. In this way the incidence of foliar diseases can be greatly reduced.  The air in movement removes moisture from the plant and delivers a drier microclimate near crops.  In case leaf temperatures cool below the air temperature, the dew point is reached and condensation leads to the growth of disease organisms. The horizontal air flow will greatly reduce this difference.

In a greenhouse during the day, photosynthesis uses the carbon dioxide that is in the boundary layer of air next to the leaf.  Movement of the air will replace the air near the leaves with fresh air having higher carbon dioxide content. This is how the vital function of the plants will be greatly improved, both health- and productivity wise.

Air circulation in Poultry houses

During the winter period when the ventilation is running in minimum capacity the poultry producers can have problems with temperature stratification in the poultry houses. The warm air is in the top of the building, as warm are is less heavy then cold air. Circulation fans are the solution to get the warm air lead down to the animal zone. That will reduce heat cost and give the animals a more dry bedding. The new circulation fans from Munters can reduce the energy consumption by about 30% compared to the standard circulation fans.

Air circulation in Dairy buildings

Dairy cows cannot take the winter jacket of during the summer period and it cost in productivity. The solution will be to create high air velocity above the cows. The draft will cool the cows. Munters has a huge portfolio of different types of circulation fans; both traditional fans, the new energy friendly fans and breeze fans. 


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