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AHR Expo Innovation Award

Munters Awarded for Innovative Technology

Munters Oasis™ EPX system receives 2009 AHR Expo Innovation Award Honorable Mention in the IAQ category.

Award Winning products and products worthy of Honorable Mention are determined by a panel of judges, appointed by the ASHRAE Journal for their knowledge and expertise in the HVAC&R Industry.

Munters Oasis™ EPX uses a corrosion-resistant polymer heat exchanger to produce dry, cool air without refrigeration. Best suited for hot, dry climates, the Oasis™ EPX treats makeup air for 50% less energy and provides cooling energy recovery and winter heat recovery. The Oasis™ EPX also assists in reducing peak demand loads, which helps qualify for utility rebates.

The Munters Oasis EPX product provides efficient cooling in dry climates, EER’s (over 100 possible), winter heat recovery, optional DX and/or direct evaporative cooling, and is available in 2,000 to 100,000 CFM sizes. For more information visit the Oasis EPX Product Page.