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Health & Safety Award

Munters wins prestigious Health & Safety Award

Munters WIN Associate Award for IceDry solution which prevents frost and ice in cold storage facilities thus reduces accidents.

The Food Storage and Distribution Federation (FSDF) announced new annual awards which recognise excellence in health and safety. The judges looked for an innovative approach, good prospects for wider application and cost-effective deployment prospects throughout the food storage and distribution industry at large.

The winner of the FSDF Associate Member category was collected by Christine Modla-Thomas, Global Marketing Director for Munters IceDry solution, an innovative frost prevention dehumidification system which removes airborne moisture, reduces ice build-up and fogging, and greatly reduces accidents in cold storage areas.


From the left: Gary Tilburn, Christine Modla-Thomas, Chris Sturman 

"Our winners were very well deserved and have made a marked difference to health and safety within the industry at large. The judges commented that their submissions were very detailed and well presented, providing our annual awards with a fantastic benchmark for the future"

The awards were presented by Richard Dawson of Citation Professional Services, sponsors of the Health & Safety Awards at the FSDF Annual Lunch which was held at Birmingham City Council House and featured BBC Breakfast's main business correspondent Steph McGovern as guest speaker.

Mark Bristow, quality director of Martin Brower for its 'Think Safety – Work Safely' initiative, Maurice Young Best Individual Contribution to Health and Safety Award for driving the FSDF's health and safety programme forward, Gary Tilburn FSDF President and Director of Reed Boardall ( IceDry user), Steph McGovern the main business presenter for BBC breakfast news, Chris Sturman FSDF Chairman and Christine Modla-Thomas Munters Global Marketing Director for Munters

This award once again proves that IceDry is successfully used around the world and continues to achieve high accolades within the cold storage industry. Munters are ecstatic that this application is helping with Health & Safety within the work place.

How IceDry works:

Munters IceDry System® alleviates ice, frost and fog build up by dehumidifying the incoming air and removing high moisture levels.

As 95% of the moist air infiltrates through truck doors, the solution is to capture the moist air, dehumidify it, and supply dry, low dew point air at the entry doors. This dry air is drawn into the cold store when the doors open and circulates freely across the floor to keep it dry.

The IceDry desiccant dehumidifier helps with:

  • health & safety as no slips or falls due to ice buildup
  • easily read product bar codes
  • reduce fog
  • clear workable cold store
  • protect products
  • prevention of ice build up on evaporator coils
  • reduce maintenance costs

At the heart of the Munters IceDry® solution is our state of the art Desiccant Rotor Technology which has the ability to absorb moisture from the air irrespective of the temperature, so it works equally well even at sub zero temperatures.

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