With the tremendous amount of energy supermarkets consume and the growing concern for indoor air quality, it has become a priority to precisely control temperature and humidity.

However, supermarkets present one of the most complex applications for heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. Supermarkets require tighter humidity control to prevent frost buildup in the refrigerated display cases. When frost buildup occurs, this requires the display case to defrost frequently which warms up the refrigerated food products and reduces their shelf life. Display cases also spill cold air into aisles of the supermarket which can create a cold environment, thereby limiting the amount of time a shopper spends in the store. Therefore, it becomes critical to lower the humidity in the space while maintaining a comfortable temperature.  

Munters dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) utilize energy recovery and humidity control technology to maintain necessary conditions to meet the needs of supermarket retailers in varying climates all over the world. These systems cool and dehumidify 100% outdoor air using one-third the energy of conventional DX systems. With Munters, supermarkets hold their store at 40- 45% RH which results in at least 10-15% savings in the refrigerated case energy while maintaining superior product display and quality. While conventional DX HVAC systems struggle to meet this condition, desiccant systems cost effectively maintain these conditions and reduce the total store energy bill.


With more than 25 years of experience serving the supermarket industry and over 3,000 installations, Munters offers a variety of cooling, dehumidification, and energy recovery systems in various sizes and configurations to meet the building needs. By implementing a more efficient, high performing HVAC system, stores will enjoy higher sales and lower operating costs, while creating a better experience for their customers and employees.



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