High humidity is the cause of many common problems in today’s restaurants.

For example, when diffusers drip water on floors and on customers or when condensation forms on glass doors and windows, those are obvious signs of high humidity. Also when floors sweat or take a long time to dry after mopping, this indicates a humidity problem. Or finally, when staff complains about being too hot, while at the same time the customers complain about being too cold — that’s a humidity problem, too. Many restaurant owners and designers find themselves wondering why they have these problems more so now than in the past. The short answer is this, that restaurant designs have changed and the systems used to condition them have not.


The ability to control both the temperature and humidity in the space is key to creating a comfortable environment for all.  By controlling the indoor humidity, the thermostat settings can be raised and energy savings are achieved. Studies have also shown that both customers and staff are more comfortable at mild and dry indoor conditions when compared with cold and clammy conditions. The value added to restaurant owners by installing proper HVAC equipment goes beyond comfort, it helps cut energy costs, ensures food and customer safety, and reduces moisture related issues.

Munters utilizes energy recovery and humidity control technology to provide a more efficient, high performance HVAC system that creates a better experience for the customers and employees.

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