In most plastic injection molding operations, the mold coolant temperature must be very cold to obtain optimum results.

This rapid cooling of the mold means that water vapor in the surrounding air will condense on the mold surfaces. Condensed water creates problems for the mold because it will begin to corrode. It also causes quality issues for the product, leaving watermarks and cracks.

Munters’ dehumidification systems eliminate condensation by drying the air that surrounds the mold. An energy efficient, dry desiccant dehumidifier absorbs and removes the moisture from the air. Since the air is dry, moisture cannot condense on the cooled mold surface.

Benefits to using a Munters dehumidification system in plastic molding operations:

  • Faster cycle times – some customers report a 40% production increase from the same machines, simply by lowering the coolant temperature.
  • Improved part properties – rapid cooling without condensation can improve the clarity and crystalline structure of PET parts.
  • Reduced mold maintenance – since the mold is no longer bathed in water on each shot, surface corrosion is greatly reduced.
  • No rust on guide pins – the dry air also protects guide pins so that customers no longer need to slow production or idle expensive machines due to rust on precision sliding surfaces.
  • Better parts surfaces – dry air ensures that condensation will not corrupt micro-precise part surface detail, or leave water on the surface to interfere with finishing operations.
  • Meet production schedules consistently – by continually providing the air at specification, customers meet production schedules consistently, regardless of the weather or time of year.
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