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Sticking and Caking

Many powders and products attract and retain moisture. This can lead to a reduction in product quality and also make it difficult to transport and pack products.

Problems associated with high humidity are product sticking and caking.  When these products are stored in silos or bins or transported in pneumatic conveying systems, moisture causes these ingredients to stick to silo walls and cause blockages in the conveying lines and packaging.

Lower productivity, higher production costs and reduced product quality are the results of these problems.

Dehumidification systems are a simple and effective way to combat humidity problems.  These systems are widely used to prevent condensation and other moisture related problems such as sticking or lumping.   This translates into higher productivity, lower production costs, lower down time and a higher quality product. 

Ingredients, food, lozenges and coatings pick up moisture when handled, conveying systems continually draw large volumes of air from the atmosphere and (depending on its humidity) moisture can transfer to the product. Products can become so sticky that they are rejected due to unsatisfactory quality and high speed wrapping machines are unable to cope.

Munters' systems remove water from the air surrounding the processed product or during packaging to solve the problem. Desiccant dehumidifiers condition the air and prevent condensation, generating a safe and hygienic processing environment where products are kept dry, free flowing and hygienically clean.

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