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CELdek® by Munters

The Original Quality Pad from the Original Manufacturer, Greenguard certified by UL.

Why should you choose CELdek from Munters? It is in fact one of Munters first invented core technologies from the 1960's, which has not only 'survived' for over 60 years but has also constantly been improved by Munters Research & Development department and has become the 'role model' for all evaporative cooling pads on the market today.

The paper used in Munters CELdek is a thin specialty grade paper, exclusively developed for Munters. The result is that CELdek wets faster than any other pad on the market. Faster wetting means immediate cooling and potentially less system run time, saving you water, energy and money.

If the pad does not dry completely, it could break down from the inside out, reducing the life of the pad. As an added precaution, CELdek is chemically treated to resist deterioration.

For extra demanding environments, Munters has developed MI-T-edg® coating, which is considered to be the strongest most weather resistant edge coating available and is the only edge coating with patented algae resistance.

All of this means that if you can add just two years to the life of your evaporative cooling pad, you will be saving lots of money in the long run, and that is why choosing the original evaporative cooling pad, CELdek, is a wise choice.

Sixty years of research and development, engineers that understand ventilation systems and the science behind what makes a quality pad is what you get when buying CELdek.

GREENGUARD certification
As of January 1, 2015 Munters CELdek evaporative cooling and humidification pads have been tested for emissions from over 360 individual chemicals of concern, guaranteeing them as having non-harmful emissions.

The tests have been performed according to one of the world’s most stringent product emissions standards in the world. An independent party has performed the tests. Yearly testing of the products is required to maintain the certification.

We are pleased to announce that we are now the only GREENGUARD Gold certified manufacturer of cooling and humidification media by UL, developer of the most stringent product emissions standards in the world. See more information here (Sustainable Product Guide) and more information from Munters here.

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