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Less space means big savings

Scrubbers are essential for coal-fired power stations and the more efficiently they can operate, the better it is not only for profit margins, but for the planet as well. Mist elimination plays a crucial role in cost-efficient and sustainable operations.

Munters UltraFlow improves mist elimination in every area, and the innovative new design squeezes this big performance into a significantly smaller space.

Compact innovation with great performance

Munters UltraFlow mist eliminator is around 20% more compact than traditional designs, while offering the same efficient operation as all Munters mist elimination products. The smaller size means that you consume up to 50% less water than the alternative options, which in turn means that 30% less pump capacity is needed.

But most importantly, the reduced physical footprint allows for a smaller scrubber design which will save significant sums when building new power plants, or renovating existing scrubbers.

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