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MFP, MFL, MFP-S: Munters Folding Curtain

Munters folding Curtain

  • Curtain protects against wind and severe weather conditions.
  • Variable opening
  • Easy / fast installation
  • Operated either manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • Manufactured in UV resistant PVC coated high tenacity polyester
  • Anti-static treatment repels dirt (straw, sand, dust)
  • Optimal light transmission
  • Does not require additional safety measures


Descrizione prodotto

Munters Folding curtain is manufactured in heavy duty, UV resistant PVC coated high tenacity polyester. The light grey color ensures optimal light transmission. The curtain is anti-static and will repel dirt (sand, straw, dust).
The curtain folds down and rests flat on the wall (or plinth) when opened completely.
As safety against strong winds, specially designed wind pipes are installed at intervals of 2 meters (recommended distance – distance varies depending on opening height). The wind pipes are made of galvanized iron with an outer plastic pipe – the latter to minimize wear and tear on both wind pipe and curtain. Wind pipes are installed on the outside and inside of the curtain, acting as a guide for the curtain.
MFL: As an alternative to wind pipes, Munters Folding curtain can be delivered with rope instead. The rope is installed in the front and rear of the curtain and serves as safety against strong winds as well as a guide for the curtain in the same way as wind pipes. The rope is secured by means of eye bolts which are screwed into the top and bottom timber. The rope follows a “V” shaped pattern along the entire length of the curtain.
To minimize draft from the sides of the curtain, specially designed wind screens are installed on both sides of each curtain section.
The Folding curtain is equipped with either a stainless steel wire pulling system (MFP/MFL) or with straps (MFP-S). The wire pulling system can be operated vertically by a manual winch or with a winch motor. The straps is always opreated with a winch motor. When equipped with a winch motor, it is possible to choose between semi-automatic operation with a manual potentiometer, where you decide when the curtain moves up or down, or a fully automated operation, where the curtain is regulated by the Munters NaturalCenter/Master climate controller combined with a weather station.

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