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Dairy farm in Kazakhstan

Controlling dairy production climate in Kazakhstan

Milking cows are very sensitive to heat stress and typically suffer from reduced milk production and conception rates during hot periods.

Heat Stress and reduced milk production

Atyrau in Kazakhstan has a hot climate with
temperatures up to 45°C during summer

Complete climate control package

In order to decrease the temperature inside the farm, Munters supplied a complete climate control package, which includes: Euroemme® MFS52 circulation fans and TU600 chimney fans, providing the most efficient air circulation movement for animal housing in all seasons; a complete Fogging System, decreasing temperature inside the farm up to 10°C;
Comfort Curtains, ensuring the animals a comfort climate zone by providing an excellent combination of ventilation control and light requirements; CCU111 and TED 2.0 climate controllers for fully automated control of climate equipment in the house.

Punti chiave

  • Improved animal behaviour
  • Improved milk production
  • Reduced replacement rate
  • Quick payback on investment
  • Improved conception rate
  • Kazakhstan_Case_Study_screen.pdf