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AHU Fan upgrades

Munters has a multinational experience with FanGrid upgrades of non-Munters AHU equipment. In facilities operating 24/7 we replace old belt drive fans with energy efficient direct drive EC fans, creating redundancy and substantial energy savings. These upgrades grant our customers a very short ROI, often at 2 years or less.

The FanGrid 

A FanGrid design gives increased reliability over old single fan system. This solution prevents whole system failure, as if one fan were to fail, the remaining fans increase their speed and can compensate for the loss and continue to deliver the air volume required. Due to their compact size, the units in a FanGrid can be replaced more easily. In addition, EC FanGrid solutions can be controlled more accurately, are quieter and reduce maintenance costs. In the long run it protects you against minor breakdowns and prevents an outage.



  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Short return on investment (ROI), often 2 years or less 
  • Reduced maintenance cost for the AHU’s
  • Better controllability and reduced noise level
  • Increased reliability and redundancy
  • Flexible installation solution


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Heathrow Airport  saves 15GWh a year

Heathrow airportWith more than 80 million passengers in 2018, Heathrow Airport serves more passengers than any other airport in Europe. One of Heathrow’s goals is to operate a ZERO carbon airport infrastructure by 2050. Such an ambitious goal for reducing carbon impact calls for serious energy- saving initiatives.

Operating 4 huge passenger terminals, covering almost 600,000 m2, the amount of energy used for creating a comfortable indoor climate for passengers, shopkeepers and employees is massive.

"The fan upgrade by Munters grant us energy savings of 30-60%, improved reliability and much less maintenance. So far savings amount to 15 GWh per year. This equals the energy consumed by 3,400 households", said Energy Project Manager Andy Dobbs.

Andy Dobbs, is responsible for energy saving projects related to all HVAC installations in the terminals. Since 2016 Andy has been working with Munters’ climate control specialists on an extensive energy saving upgrade of air handling equipment in the terminals.

Read full Case Study here

Watch video on Heathrow upgrade here


Luton Airport UK

“We have done some great work with Munters recently on plug fan upgrades, saving around 1,300,000 kWh of energy a year and there is still more saving to be achieved. Their expertise is second none and they provided exemplary service.”

- Michael Nagle, Utilities Manager at London Luton Airport.


Birmingham Airport saves 58% energy

Birmingham Airport is the 7th largest airport in the UK, flying around 13 million passengers to over 150 destinations each year. With this level of activity, keeping the airport fully operational is essential. So when one of the air handling units in the terminal check-in area broke down, engineers at Birmingham airport looked to Munters, global leaders in energy efficient air treatment, for a solution.

Munters replaced the old belt drive fans in the AHU with a new FanGrid made up of five high efficiency EC centrifugal plug fans.

Read more

Watch video on Birmingham Airport AHU fan upgrade



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