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EC Cool - for increased condensor cooling capacity

Munters EC Cool - THE obvious retrofit solution when summer temperatures push your rooftop condensors to their limit

Operating a manufacturing facility, a supermarket or a shopping center where a comfortable indoor climate is key?

Then you know about the worries related to summer periods with peaking temperatures. High pressure alarms on your rooftop condensor causes you stress and inconvenient break downs of condensors for re-setting and repair.

Energy efficient evaporative precooling of your rooftop condensors with Munters' new EC Cool will grant you a more reliable cooling installation in summertime and prevent the high pressure alarms.

EC Cool is an evaporative cooling pad system that decreases the inlet temperature for your rooftop condenoer. Air passes through wetted CELdek® evaporative media, whereby the ambient air temperature is lowered before it reaches the condensor coil. By decreasing the inlet temperature conditions, you decrease the risk of high pressure alarms.
As a bonus, the efficiency of your cooling system increases as well.
Munters EC Cool is a modular and flexible system and can be retrofit on to any size of condensor, even up to 2 m high. The cost effective system is easy to install and maintain and made from high quality UV stabilized PVC and PP material.  Thanks to the 100% glue free design, any thermal expansion or contractions will not affect the functionality.


  • More reliable cooling installation in summertime
  • No High Pressure alarms due to outside conditions
  • No corrosion or mineral deposits on condensor
  • More energy efficient cooling installation (COP)
  • Higher cooling capacity
  • Easy cleaning and pad replacement
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Stock standard product, therefore short delivery times

Where is EC Cool used? 

  • Supermarkets
  • Cold stores
  • Plant rooms
  • Processing industries
  • Warehouses


Read more details on EC Cool here (Product page with downloadable Product data sheet)
Contact us right away to get a quote and you will be ready to meet with summer's challenges!


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