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Video Case Study - Unprecedented energy savings for Sabey Data Center after just five years.

Munters began working with Sabey data centers over five years ago, to customize an air handling solution that will work with Sabey data center's specific needs and challenges. Five years later, Sabey speaks to the satisfaction with the Munters Solution, the better than expected energy savings and the resulting trust established.

Intergate.Quincy is a 408,000 square foot data center campus offering the advantage of low power rates, close proximity to the region’s power grid, and a mild climate ideal for efficient, evaporative cooling.

In June of 2017 The Munters group revisited the Intergate Quincy campus to talk with Vice President John Sasser and the Building Operations Manager Ryan Beebout, about their experience with the Munters Oasis IEC solution over the last five years.

Below are the videos created from the Munters’ visit. Both a full length video and video “Shorts” are available for viewing. Each “Short” targets specific topics. Click the corresponding video link and see why Munters is a trusted partner for Sabey Data Centers.

Full Length Video Case Study – Unprecedented energy savings for Sabey Data Center after just 5 years.

Full Length Video Case Study

Unprecedented energy savings for Sabey Data Center after just 5 years.

Sabey Short - Air Quality Discussion

Corrosive gaseous and particulate contaminants are a big concern with indoor air quality in today’s data center environment. In the western U.S. fires rage and produce these outdoor contaminates and Sabey Data Centers has overcome this threat. Listen to John Sasser and Ryan Beebout discuss how the Munters Oasis Indirect Evaporative Cooling solution has solved this problem for Sabey’s Intergate Quincy campus for over 5 years

Sabey Short - Water Quality Discussion

Hard water with high concentrations of dissolved solids is not ideal for use with evaporative cooling BUT…. Sabey data center has been operating the Munters Oasis® indirect evaporative cooling units for over 5 years and testify to the effectiveness of the Munters polymer heat exchanger technology and its ability to combat poor water quality. 

Sabey Short - Indirect Evaporative Cooling

John Sasser, Senior V.P of Sabey Data Centers and Ryan Bebout, Operations Manager review the indirect evaporative cooling process performed by Munters Oasis® units as it occurs at the Sabey Data Center, Quincy Intergate Campus. For over five years, the Munters IEC units have been exceeding cooling expectations

Sabey Short - PUE and Quality Discussion

Power Utilization Effectiveness – PUE of 1.13. WOW! This reported from John Sasser, Senior V.P of Sabey Data Centers. Watch the 3 minute discussion with John as he talks about the Munters Oasis® Indirect evaporative cooling solution, now in operation for over 5 years. 

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Sabey – Oasis™ IEC provides energy-efficient rejection of data center heat

View the original case study and see how Sabey data centers have testified to the energy efficiency and Munters quality solutions from then till now!

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