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Climate control solutions for broiler

TU fans now with Munters Drive

Poultry and pig farm operations are now facing a revolution in energy efficiency. The latest advancement in motor technology, Munters Drive, will help to reduce carbon foot print, save money and time on maintenance in agricultural ventilation in cold climates.

Energy efficiency – this is how and why

Munters Drive reduces the energy consumption considerably, especially at lower air speed. 

For instance, a standard fan moves 32 m3 per spent Wh in maximum, while 2 fans with Munters Drive running at 50% speed move 116 m3 per spent Wh and the total flow rate is even higher. Two fans with Munters Drive running 50% capacity have 68% lower energy consumption than one fan with a standard motor running at 100% air flow.
TU chimney fan has an outlet cone and inlet bell which also optimizes the energy efficiency and creates precise, smooth and draft free ventilation for animals.
An Intelligent control of the fans makes the difference; this is also available from Munters.

The smooth surface of all parts in the exhaust makes cleaning easy; it can even be done by using a high pressure cleaner in reduced pressure mode. For farmers with installed TU chimney fans, the motors can be replaced easily as a retrofit solution.                                                        


The TU fan with Munters Drive is available in corrosion resistant material for all livestock markets, which makes this product a good choice for growers and farmers who value products with long life and low product cycle cost.

All these savings add up to a powerful return on investment (ROI) and an improved ventilation system.

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