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Long Running

Running a farm is a 365/24/7 business, and any downtime can be detrimental. However, the technology that you implement needs to do its job. You know that you’re going to show up to work each day, and you can count on the Munters Drive to as well.

Compared to other motors—AC, Fixed Speed, and Switch Reluctance—an EC motor’s simple design offers greater reliability and efficiency. With no belts, bearings, or tensioners, there is virtually no maintenance needed, and it will keep running smoothly and quietly no matter how much dirt, dust, water, or debris comes its way.

The first drives installed are still in use, with the oldest running motors providing consistent, trouble-free operation for 10 years and counting.

That is reliability like no other.



Webinar: Learn more about motor technology with Munters Engineer, Chris Hause, BSME, MSME

BLDC (Brushless DC)/PMAC (Permanent Magnet AC)/AC Induction (Squirrel Cage)/ SR (Switched Reluctance)

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