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Anthurium in greenhouse

Greenhouse cooling & ventilation

It’s no secret that excess heat in a greenhouse can lead to numerous problems including stunted growth, burnt leaves, damaged fruit, and even total crop failures. Incorrect humidity is another contributing factor to crop problems. If the humidity is too low, the result is excessive transpiration and crop damage. If it is too high, the plants will be prone to attack by fungi and mould.

Correct ventilation and energy efficient cooling are key to reach the optimum production output of intensive greenhouse and horticulture production.

Munters is the pioneer in greenhouse/horticulture ventilation and evaporative cooling and has now 60 years of experience of innovation, research and development in the field. This experience of the industry has clearly proved to Munters that climate control – based on extraction and circulation fans, evaporative cooling systems (wet wall systems), as well as direct air-heating systems, indirect air-heating systems and air inlets – is the most efficient and trustworthy technology available. And this is true both for boosting production and for cutting costs, not to mention operational reliability.

To ensure that your greenhouse-climate problems not only stop growing, but disappear entirely, let Munters work out the proper dimensions and equations to ensure an efficient, reliable, and easy-to-operate climate control system for your growing business.

Cool relief from Munters

Installing Munters climate control systems in greenhouses generates numerous benefits:

  •                 Improved health and steadier growth
  •                 Extended hours of production
  •                 Higher growth rate and improved yield
  •                 Longer stems, bigger leaves and bigger and better buds
  •                 Enhanced grade class

Furthermore, there will be a marked reduction in attacks from mold and fungi, which will result in a reduced need to spray. Altogether, it all spells less cost and increased profit.

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