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Munters Topfixated Curtain

MTC: Munters Topfixated Curtain

  • Curtain protects against wind and severe weather conditions
  • Variable opening
  • Curtain opens from bottom and up
  • Manufactured in UV resistant PVC coated high tenacity polyester
  • Anti-static treatment repels dirt (straw, sand, dust)
  • ”Click & Go” wind pipes enabling vehicular access directly into shed
  • Optimal light transmission


Tuotteen kuvaus

The Munters Topfixated Curtain is manufactured in heavy duty, UV resistant PVC coated high tenacity polyester. The light grey color ensures optimal light transmission. The curtain is anti-static and will repel dirt (sand, straw, dust).
The curtain rolls on an extruded aluminum profile.
As safety against strong winds, specially designed wind pipes are installed at intervals of 2 meters (recommended distance – distance varies depending on opening height). The wind pipes are made of galvanized iron with an outer plastic pipe – the latter to minimize wear and tear on both wind pipe and curtain. Wind pipes are installed on the outside and inside of the curtain, acting as a guide for the curtain.
In cases where an even wider access into the shed is required (wider than the recommended 2 m distance between the wind pipes), the MTC curtain can be delivered with detachable wind pipes - the so-called “Click & Go” solution. With “Click & Go”, the wind pipes are easily “clicked out” from their normal position between the steel trusses on the building – thus enabling a wider access.


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