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Climate control at a swine or hog farm

20% more finisher pigs produced yearly in Brazil

During the warmest 4 months of 2012, a comparative test was done between two identical growing/finishing barns in the South-East of Brazil. The aim was to compare the growth performance of the animals.

Temperatures regularly exceeding 30°C and having peaks of 37-38°C

The South-East region of Brazil is categorized as having a tropical savannah climate with temperatures regularly exceeding 30°C and having peaks of 37-38°C.

A manually adjustable curtain and a fogging system

Climate control in the reference barn was done by means of a manually adjustable curtain and a fogging system. The test house was furbished with a climate control system from Munters dimensioned to provide a perfect climate for all seasons. During the test period, animals were grown from 25 to 120 kg. Pigs have a tendency to lie down and avoid contact with other animals when they are excessively hot. Because the Munters climate control system in the test house could keep the animals cool during hot periods, stocking density could be increased by 11%. Fifty Munters IWn wall air inlets optimally distribute the fresh air in the pig house. They supply fresh air to the animals without causing cold drafts over them and avoiding any extra heating cost.

Two CELdek® 6560 pad walls 2m high and 15cm thick with Mi-T-edg® coating are installed in the tunnel house. The top quality of the materials and of the manufacturing process combined with the MI-T-edg® protective edge coating guarantee extremely high cooling efficiency as well as unbeatable long life span. MI-T-Edg® is the only edge coating with patented algae resistance. Uniform wetting of the cooling pads is ensured by Easycool water distribution system. FarmHand CCU111 is ideally suited to control functions such as step ventilation; heating; cooling or side curtains. Analogue inputs (air temperature and humidity or potentiometer feedbacks) and digital inputs (water consumption or wind speed) can be accommodated. Control outputs are either relays or 0-10V signal. An animal’s target temperature curve can be programmed while a large on board memory keeps track of actual readings. Eight Vortex wall exhaust fans with discharge cones create over 2,5m/s air speed inside the house during tunnel ventilation. Thanks to the high wind chill effect, the pig’s comfort is considerably improved. Removable plastic shutter allows for easy access for maintenance and cleaning purposes. Because the Munters climate control system , the test house provides a better climate. Compared to the reference house fitted with naturally ventilation, the test house growing period was shortened by 9 days. This means that it is possible to produce 2.9 batches in a year in the Munters house compared to 2.7 in the reference house.


  • Higher stocking density
  • Increased daily gain
  • Improved feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • More finishers produced per year
  • Quick payback on investment

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