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Our drying room has become our bragging room!

At an integrated day care facility in a new residential area of Copenhagen, Denmark, 124 children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years are divided into three nursery groups and 4 kindergarten groups. Inaugurated in 2013, the day care facility is open weekdays 06:00–18:00. To dry the children’s outerwear, the Munters drying room was installed when the facility was built. One smaller drying room was installed in the ward for the nursery children, and a larger system for the kindergarten groups. The department’s pedagogical leader says that the drying rooms are so good, they have become the department’s “bragging room”. Thanks to the drying rooms, the institution has rooms that are multifunctional, since they can be used for more than drying clothes.

Efficient clothes drying and easy handling

The clothes’ drying solution is efficient and fast, with very low energy consumption compared to conventional drying methods such as electric drying cabinets or tumble dryers.

Children often come inside wet after time spent in the facility´s playground. By placing their clothes inside the drying room after lunch, they will be able to return home in the afternoon with dry outerwear and footwear.

The drying room for the kindergarten groups is large enough for the children to take off their outerwear inside the drying room itself, so areas outside the room remain dry and clean.

Older children can hang their outerwear on a hanger in the drying room, which is much easier for them to do when compared to hanging their clothes in electric drying cabinets used by many other institutions. The dehumidification equipment is placed at a safe height, well out of reach of the children.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the children’s sleeping bags and duvets are now washed several times a week. The sleeping bags and duvets are hung up to dry in the drying room and are dry and ready for use the next morning.

Drying room operation is very simple. First, a simple press of a rocker switch activates one or more circulation fans. These fans draw water from the hanging clothing. Next, when the humidity in the room rises to a certain level, the dehumidifier is activated, which in a few hours has the capacity to completely dry the hung clothes.

Water splash and art paint
The institution has been inspired to use the drying room for other things in addition to clothes drying. Smaller groups of children can use the room for sensory experiences. One example is with water, where water on the tile floor is not a problem since the room dries up quickly after use.

At the institution, a lot is done to support and develop the children’s creativity. Children can create paintings in the drying room, which can then be left undisturbed, so they can dry quickly.

Drying room especially appreciated during Covid-19 pandemic
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the institution has been subject to many new rules and restrictions. In addition to the general increase in cleaning, all used toys must be washed every day. These washed toys and the cleaning equipment are efficiently dried every night in the drying room.

When, due to restrictions, there is a need to divide the children into smaller groups, the largest drying room has also been used as an extra group room, providing the institution with a “buffer”.

The manager states: “Apart from the fact that we are very satisfied with the drying room for clothes drying, the room has given us many extra benefits. There is so much space that we can include this area as an extra room, where the children can participate in activities that are difficult to fit into our regular rooms, and where we must also have space to eat lunch. Now during the Covid-19 pandemic, we seek to have more children using the outdoor playground, which is no problem when we can dry wet outerwear quickly.“

Easier everyday life for everyone
It’s not just children and staff who benefit from the drying rooms. Parents who pick up their children do not have to worry about wet, cold outerwear and boots that need to be hung to dry when they get home. Additionally, nobody needs to worry about whether the outerwear is sensitive to high temperatures (something which is often the case when using drying cabinets and tumble dryers) as the temperature in the drying room does not exceed normal room temperature.

ServiceCaire™ agreement provides security
Dehumidifiers, fans, and controls in the drying room are covered by a service agreement, where Munters reviews the equipment once a year to ensure it’s working as intended. The institution’s staff do not have to worry about filter changes or other maintenance and are ensured of optimal operation and settings that will also guarantee energy consumption is as low as possible.


  • Fast and energy-efficient drying of children’s outerwear and footwear
  • Easy operation for both children and adults
  • Option to use drying rooms for activities such as water play and painting
  • Extra capacity during Covid-19

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