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The future has arrived thanks to climate-neutral electrofuels

The future has arrived thanks to climate-neutral electrofuels

The drive to ensure the future of our planet has made electrofuels, or e-fuels, an attractive alternative to fossil fuels. Industry-leading Clean technologies by Munters are critical to the success of this CO2-neutral technology since Munters Mist elimination equipment is needed to harvest CO2. When the process is completed, climate-friendly e-fuels compatible with conventional engines are ready for use.

The Munters difference in Clean technologies

  • Clean technologies by Munters

    Clean technologies by Munters

    Meet the new part of Munters – Clean technologies. Featuring mist elimination systems that help anywhere liquids and gasses need to be separated. Mass transfer technology that separates chemical components and facilitates liquid extraction. And VOC abatement, which removes polluting solvents from the air. Clean technologies by Munters enhance process productivity while lowering emissions and reducing carbon footprint in a range of processes including CCS/CCU.

  • Mist elimination

    Mist elimination

    Munters Mist eliminators help anywhere liquids and gasses need to be separated. Power plants, marine, steel and further process industries all benefit from Munters industry-leading expertise. Munters Mist elimination enhances process productivity, lowers emissions and helps reduce the environmental footprint of our customers.

  • Mass transfer

    Mass transfer

    Munters mass transfers your problems into solutions. Used for fractionation, absorption and extraction in process industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, refining, chemical, fertilizer and pharmaceutical, Munters Mass Transfer products optimize pressure drop vs output, using the least amount of energy possible.

  • VOC abatement

    VOC abatement

    Volatile Organic Compounds come from industrial chemicals, solvents, alcohols and petroleum products such as gasoline. They combine with sunlight to form atmospheric ozone or smog. Munters rotor concentrators and VOC systems help remove these pollutants from the air. Reliable, cost-saving and energy-efficient, Munters VOC abatement solutions save money and energy, and help deliver clean air to the world.

Want to find out how Munters supported the world's first industrial e-fuel plant?

The weather-beaten landscape of Chile is where the plant will produce synthetic climate-neutral e-fuel. The project will use Global Thermostats (GT) direct air capture equipment together with Munters Mist Elimination equipment to harvest climate-neutral CO2 as part of the overall e-fuel generation process. Read the case to get the full story.

Munters delivers proven solutions for carbon capture at Norcem, Brevik

A new, ground-breaking project is underway at Norcem, Brevik cement plant that will bring carbon capture to cement manufacturing for the first time ever. And Munters gas-liquid separation solutions are supporting this innovative carbon capture process. These Clean technologies by Munters are an essential part of the process that will reduce yearly plant CO2 emissions by over 400,000 tons.

Munters supports world's first bamboo ethanol refinery

A pioneering project is underway in India to build the world's first full-scale ethanol refinery using bamboo, which is an abundant resource in India. Munters is developing efficient and sustainable column internal solutions for the refinery, which will process 300,000 tons of bamboo each year and generate 60 million tons of bioethanol and 30,000 tons of biochemicals annually. Munters is proud to be part of this ambitious effort to reduce carbon emissions from the Indian transportation sector.

Clean technologies by Munters in e-fuel production

Clean technologies

Carbon capture for sustainability

Carbon capture for sustainability

Carbon capture with permanent storage (CCS) or utilization of the captured CO2 (CCU) are tools for reducing emissions, and both are needed to combat climate change. One key application for CCU is the production of electrofuels or e-fuels.

Why choose Munters?

With our vast knowledge in mist elimination, mass transfer, and VOC abatement, Munters has solutions that enhance process productivity, lower emissions, and bring us closer to achieving our zero environmental impact goal. Clean technologies by Munters deliver clean air to the world and help create a healthier planet.

With you all the way

With Munters as your partner, your Clean technologies equipment will receive the attention needed to reach its maximum life expectancy. We'll make sure your equipment is set up and functioning correctly, right from the start. We're with you all the way throughout each phase of your equipment's life cycle, Munters knowledge and expertise will insure optimal operation, minimum energy consumption, and extension of the life of your investment.

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