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Disease in greenhouse

Disease in Greenhouses

While growing in greenhouses reduces the dependence on climatic conditions outside, plant health is still dependent on an equally complex set of microclimate conditions inside.

The key to sustained quality, quantity and profitability lies in awareness of these conditions and their impact, and maintaining control of them. Although the plants are protected from the weather outside, without adequate control equally adverse conditions can still occur inside: extremes of heat and humidity can inhibit growth, limit fruit production and encourage the spread of disease. And as varieties grown inside are frequently more delicate than their tougher cousins traditionally cultivated outside, the results can be devastating.

It means that those conditions where disease is likely to flourish can be eliminated. And it means the need for costly and undesirable spraying as fungicidal and bacterial control can be reduced.

Excessive humidity can give rise to water droplets forming on the leaves which can harbor and spread disease while the excessive heat will shrivel fruits and stop growth.

The good news is that all of the above can be countered; installation of heaters and circulating fans prevents cold spots and stratification of the greenhouse air, reducing the risk of condensation and the onset of wet-induced botrytis; extra exhaust fans generate additional ventilation to prevent extreme temperatures and ensure adequate CO2 concentrations; while high levels of humidity can be prevented with a combination of recirculation fans, extraction fans and heaters.

Munters can help reducing greenhouse diseases and solving productivity issues by our climate control systems to assure the perfect climate throughout all stages of greenhouse production.

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