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MDC: Munters Duplex Curtain

MDC: Munters Duplex Curtain

  • Curtain protects against wind and severe weather conditions
  • Variable opening
  • Curtain opens from top down or from bottom up
  • Manufactured in UV resistant PVC coated high tenacity polyester
  • Anti-static treatment repels dirt (straw, sand, dust)
  • “Click & Go” wind pipes enablingvehicular access directly into shed
  • Optimal light transmission


Product description

The curtain material is made from a durable, UV resistant Tex glass quality in a light grey color.
This specific color secures optimum light penetration. The material is also treated against static electricity, which means that dirt does not stick to it. Extruded aluminum profiles are used for fixation of the curtain.

To hedge against the effect of wind to the curtain, a ¾ "or ½ "plastic coated galvanized pipe is mounted for each 2.1 m. The pipes are mounted on both sides of the curtain, and thus also serve as a guide in the curtain’s rolling-direction.

To ensure the usability of the Duplex curtain, it is offered also with removable wind pipes. This is done in order to meet customer requirements on maximum “driveway” width. The opening width can be increased using the curtain’s very simple "click and go" solution, where the wind pipes easily and temporarily can be removed from their normal locations between the stable’s support beams.
Duplex curtains are also offered with a shadow function, where the customer can adjust the top and bottom of the curtain. The curtain bottom is raised to a desired height and then the curtain’s top can also run to a desired position. Subsequently, the curtain can, if it is fitted with an automatic monitoring such as a weather station, regulate itself accurately, when the shade is positioned at its reference position.

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